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Mithros moves to a new, custom-built facility.
Partnership Models
We really take advantage of Taros' particular working model where their European and Indian chemists are working together seamlessly. Excellent problem-solving skills and high-quality chemistry, combined with attractive pricing schemes: this is how I would summarize my recommendation.

Head of External Chemistry, Global biopharmaceutical company

As a client-focussed company, Mithros makes it its mission to customise its offering to suit client needs. We have worked with multiple models, which include the industry standard FTE and FFS model, as well as milestone/standalone and risk-share.

Another unique feature of Mithros is our ability to offer cross-border expertise in conjunction with our partner in Germany – Taros Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG. This helps us leverage the expertise of Taros (Discovery chemistry; and cost-effectiveness of Mithros to offer the best of both worlds to our clients.

We would be happy to discuss more about this and other working models with you, please get in touch with us at