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Mithros moves to a new, custom-built facility.
Mithros helps scale-up compounds from mg to kilo and tonne scale via robust process development protocols. We have undertaken various chemistries for scale-up and after process development, have provided our partners with multi-kilo compounds.

We have access to broad infrastructure both in-house and via partner labs. Some of the infrastructure includes:

  • Glass and Stainless steel reactors (capacity from 10l-1000l)
  • Mulch filters/centrifuges
  • High vacuum pumps/driers
  • Heating (up to 200⁰C); cooling (u pto -70⁰C)

Mithros has also delivered several technology transfer projects in close collaboration with its German partner, Taros Chemicals GmbH & Co.KG.

For our clients, this collaboration offers the best of both worlds - seamless one-point contact in Europe and cost-effectiveness.