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Mithros moves to a new, custom-built facility.
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Mithros was established in 2004 at the IKP Knowledge Park in Hyderabad, India. Since then, Mithros has partnered with multiple pharma/biotech/agrochemical/neutraceutical companies to provide custom synthesis and scale-up of a diverse range of organic compounds.

Mithros team is highly experienced, with access to world-class analytical and software support , allowing it to provide highly flexible, customised solutions to its partners and has a broad experience of working on multiple business models - Full Time Equivalent (FTEs)/Fee for Service (FFS)/Standalone services/milestone services, to name a few.

At Mithros, chemistry services are provided with a transparent view to the day-to-day execution to our partner’s projects via a custom-built, proprietary software interface. This allows our clients across the world to view daily progress, monitor starting material availability as well as their budgets 24x7x365. More